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Back Pain is the second most common complaint to prompt a medical evaluation and the leading cause of long-term work disability.

We want to help you understand the causes of back pain so that you may be better able to direct your pain management treatment.

The low back has many complex structures which can be the cause of pain. The spinal cord and nerves which innervate the lower body are protected by an articulated bony cage. The bony cage is made up of vertebral bodies with intervertebral discs in between, which act as shock absorbers. The vertebral bodies have 4 facet joints, 1 pair above and 1 pair below. These facet joints are synovial joints meaning they have fluid within them and are very similar to knee joints. The pelvis has 2 synovial joints termed sacro-iliac joints which join the sacrum to the iliacs, which are the hip bones. Muscles and ligaments surround and join these structures together. Learn how to diagnose and treat your pain.

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